My first attempts on 3cm:


A used 85cm offset TV dish and a 10€ LNB (Goobay 67321) for the first receive attempts. As a first receiver the RTL-SDR v3 (better stability) is a good choice.

The next step will be the modification of the Octagon OSLO PLL LNB. I will use the mini-GPSDO by SDR-Kits to stabalize the LO frequency. That gives me the possibility to play a bit arround with the LO frequency. The converter PCB will be directly connected to my duo-band feed (by DC5GY).

The TX capability will be max. 0,5W from the BU-500 converter. If all precalculations are OK, I am just 13db below the link budget. We will see if the frequency is stable enough for FT8 :-)


first signal received AMSAT transponder with big signal

LNB + dua band feed by DC5GY


Goobay 67321 layout

My first signal from EsHailSat2! Amazing S/N while the first transponder test! Duo-band feed by DC5GY
Goobay 67321LNB
Goobay 67321LNB - PCB