Satellite antennas:

After several tests in 2008, this was the antenna setup until I changed the QTH in 2010.


Rotor:        Yaesu KR-5500B - 450deg azimuth, 180deg. elevation
2m:           5ele. DK7ZB (short version)
70cm:        2x9ele. DK7ZB hor.+vert., switched by a AS304 from SSB-electronic
13cm:        19-turn helical, homebrew with MKU24 OSCAR by DB6NT

Interface:   HalloRotor USB from DB3DH
Software:   SatPC 12.8 from DK1TB (thank you Erich !!)
Preamps:    SP2 + SP70 from SSB Electronic
Sequencer: homebrew for 2m and 70cm